Dances With Dogs

Have you got rhythm, want to get fit and spend more quality time with your greyhound?  Why not try Dances with Dogs.  The sport began in the UK in the 1990’s and was approved in Australia as an official sport by the National Kennel Council in 2009.

Dances With Dogs' handlers and their dogs perform choreographed routines to music.  Many of the dance moves are simply an extension of basic obedience training that will take the dog’s skill to a higher level and when done in time to music, gives the illusion of dance.  No treat or motivators are permitted in the competitions.  The sport is suitable for handlers of all ages and is open for any breed or crossbreed of dog of any size.  It is fun for both dog and handler as it further develops the bond you have with your dog.  Regardless of the breed, it is very important that the dog is fit and healthy in order to complete the many moves incorporated in a routine.

Teaching your dog dance moves is fun and rewarding while developing a more responsive and obedient dog.  You will both benefit from increased fitness.  Dances with Dogs is also a fun spectator sport.  Each state in Australia has their own groups that regularly run workshops and competitions.  As yet there are no greyhounds in NSW participating in the sport but you and your dog could be the first so we can put your photo on this page.  There are a couple of greyhounds and other sighthound breeds dancing in other states and their grace and fluid movements are by all accounts wonderful to watch.

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Dances with Dogs Australia

Dances With Dogs NSW contact Joan Stewart email (02) 9634 4753

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