Dogalogue: Greenhounds Available for Adoption

The listed greyhounds are all Greenhounds and have gone through a minimum of 6 weeks in-home re-training to assist them make the transition from life in a racing kennel environment to life in a pet home.  They are de-sexed, microchiped and lifetime registered.  All dogs have succesfully passed an assessment conducted by an Approved Greenhound Assessor and been awarded a muzzle exemption which has been noted on their Companion Animals Register records.  They will be available for re-homing with a green collar.

If you are interested in offering one of these greyhounds a new home, please contact the organisation listing the dog directly.


  Would benefit from a canine companion.
This dog likes company and would be much happier in a home with at least one other dog.

Suited to homes with children.
This dog has been living with a foster family who have children and is considered to be safe around them however as with any breed of dog, appropriate supervision is required at all times.

Cat tolerant.
This dog has been living in a foster home with at least one cat and is considered to be safe around them, however upon introducing any new dog to your cat, appropriate precautions should be taken.

Greenhound of the Week

Feature Dog
Keno Info:

"Keno" Cosmic Keno 5yrs Male Black
Suited to homes with children Would benefit from a canine companion

Name: "Keno"

Keno is a cracker of a dog with a big personality and ltos of love to give. He is lively and energetic but happy to relax and snooze as Greyhounds do well.

Keno has a very distinguished greying of the face and chest but don't let this fool you - he is young at heart.

He gets on well with large and small dogs but is not cat friendly.

Keno is a Greenhound which means that he doesn't need to wear his muzzle in public.

Medical Notes
As well as being behaviourally assessed, Keno has:

* a C5 vaccination
* been desexed
* been microchipped
* been intestinally wormed
* been heartworm tested
* had flea and heartworm prevention
* been LIFETIME REGISTERED (no need to register with your council - this is all done as part of the Lifetime Registration)

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