Health & Safety Fact Sheets

To assist you in keeping your Greyhound happy, healthy and safe, members of our veterinary, welfare and training teams have put together a series of fact sheets.  In addition we have included information from other sources that you may find useful. 

 Back Problems Read about the symptoms and behaviours that could indicate your retired racer may have back problems.
Learn prevention measures and the symptoms of this dangerous condition.
Canine Blood    Donation
How your Greyhound can save the lives of other dogs.  Courtesy of SASH (Small Animal Specialist Hospital)
 Dental Care
Tips on how to avoid dog breath and expensive canine dental bills.
 Hot Weather and Heat Stress
How to keep your Greyhound comfortable and safe when the hot weather hits.
 Paralysis Ticks
Identification of this small parasite and the big proglems it can cause for your dog.
Courtesy of the GRNSW Welfare & Veterinary Serivces Unit.
Learn more about this disorder common in the Greyhound breed.


 Dogs and Kids Supplied courtesy of the Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital.
An invaluable booklet if you are considering a new canine family member.
 Information for Dog Owners in NSW
Courtesy of the Division of Local Government.
The legal requirements and your responsibilities as a dog owner in NSW.
 Pet Safety in Natural Disasters Courtesy of the Australian Vet Association.
Be prepared to ensure the safety of your pets when the worst happens.